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Medqon brings easy, time-saving, hassle-free software solutions for medico-legal experts, MROs and admin agencies.
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Streamline Your Medico-Legal

Increased Efficiency

Optimise every aspect of medico-legal operations and achieve enhanced productivity.

Enhanced workflow

Our medico-legal solutions are tailored to streamline your processes for a seamless workflow.

Automated Processes

Embrace efficiency by automating all your medico-legal processes with our efficient software solutions.

Our Medico-Legal Solutions

We understand the importance of creating precise medico-legal reports as per MOJ guidelines that too under deadline

A comprehensive case management system for MROs is tailored with specialised features to enhance workflow and streamlines the medico-legal processes.

Our comprehensive case management system for admin agencies is developed to streamline collaboration

Medqon-Transforming Medico-Legal

Medqon is a leading platform of medico-legal solutions, trusted by numerous organisations and individuals around the world. Our comprehensive case management systems and advanced software are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the medico-legal practice.

  • Comprehensive Solution
  • User Friendly
  • Affordable and Convenient

Secure & Compliant Solutions

We prioritise the security and privacy of your data. Our software solutions employ robust encryption protocols and access controls to protect sensitive information. Our all products are fully compliant with Medco regulations, and we ensure that patient and medico-legal expert confidentiality is maintained at all times.

  • Secure
  • Compliant

Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy with Our Medico-Legal Software Solutions

Our case management systems are designed to simplify and streamline your medico-legal practices so you can work in a more organised and productive way. Our software products are tailored to automate all the processes and digitalise all the operations to help you get rid of tiresome paperwork.

  • Updated Compliant Manager
  • Comprehensive appointment scheduling
  • Maintain medical records

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I have tried other report writing software, but nothing comes closer to this Medico-legal report-writing software in terms of precision and accuracy. Its template helps me create professional-looking reports within a few minutes.
Dominika Drońska


Q. How long does creating a medico-legal report with a Medqon report writer take?

With medico-legal report writer software, you can prepare a medico-legal report within 10 minutes.

Q. Can a case management system be integrated with third-party accounts?

Our case management systems can seamlessly integrate with external systems and accounting platforms.

Q. Are medico-legal case management software accessible from mobile?

Yes, our medico-legal case management software supports mobile accessibility allowing you to access case details, documents or appointment schedules from anywhere and at any time.